Saturday, March 5, 2011

Communication Gap

An awkward conversation between me and my manager.

Me: I am planning on visiting my brother during holidays.
Manager: Oh, where does he live?
Me: Ohio.
Manager: Is he your real brother?

I am confused 'what does she mean real brother?'. My manager notices the confused look and says,

Manager: Do you share at least one parent?

More confusion and slightly offended.

Me: We share both the parents!

Manager: Oh OK.

Conversation ends awkwardly and we both get back to work. Later I talk to my roommate and she enlightens me about terms I dint know before half brother and step brother.

I look back and laugh at this. Our cultural differences made the conversation so confusing. Watch this guy talk about his experiences, they are much funnier :)

Do you have any such experiences? Do share I would love to know.

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